Where can I obtain more information about Fig Game Shares?

Each offering of Fig Game Shares has a corresponding offering circular (typically larger campaigns) or private placement memorandum (typically smaller campaigns) that is made available to prospective investors.

Offering circulars are filed with the SEC, and are available on the campaign’s investment page, in the investment flow, and on the SEC’s website, where you can also find all of our SEC filings. We aim to have the offering circular available during the related campaign, but timing doesn’t always work out with the developer and/or SEC review process, in which case we’ll invite you to come back after the campaign to conclude an investment.

Similarly, private placement memorandums (if used instead of an offering circular) are available on the campaign’s investment page and in the investment flow, but are not filed with the SEC.

Our job is to make the offering circular accurate and complete, which is a process involving Fig, our lawyers and our accountants poring over the document, followed by an examination by the SEC. Investors can see the offering circular throughout the SEC examination process on the SEC’s website. At the end of that process, if the offering circular is then qualified by the SEC, we distribute the final offering circular to investors, and only then approach them to complete their investments. You can also read our blogs about investing on Fig.

For general information on investing, we encourage you to refer to

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