How does Fig work?

Fig and game studios can raise development funds through reward and investment based crowdfunding. Funding is all-or-nothing, ensuring everyone — fans and investors alike — are able to support with confidence.

Rewards crowdfunding

Fans can discover new games and support studios they love through rewards crowdfunding. Please review our Rewards Questions section for further information.

Accredited crowdfunding

Accredited investors can share in the success of games developed by their favorite studios. Please review our Investor Questions section for further information.

Reg A Crowdfunding

In our Reg A crowdfunding campaigns, both accredited and non-accredited investors are able to purchase Fig Game Shares for a specific game, which pay dividends based on that game's sales. Offerings for Fig Game Shares launch after an Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) qualification process. An offering circular that describes the Fig Game Shares will be available to you, and you will have the option to invest. In some campaigns, you may first place reservations for investments in Fig Game Shares prior to the time the SEC qualification process completes. Please review our Investor Questions section for further information.

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